Investigator Makes Shock New Claim About What Really Happened To Missing Flight MH370

by : UNILAD on : 06 Mar 2017 16:16

Investigator, Andre Milne, thinks the missing Malaysian Arline’s jet was hijacked.

It’s been three years since flight MH370 went missing carrying 229 passengers, and it’s generally believed to have gone down somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean.


However Milne – who founded defence technology company, Unicorn Aerospace – setup a £1.3 million investigation to search the Bay of Bengal area and thinks he may have solved the riddle – or at least found a clue – to the mystery of MH370.

According to Milne he discovered a ‘major discrepancy’ in the plane’s passenger log, the official report in the cargo manfiest says that we’re 228 people on board – not 229.

Milne says:


The 228 is the number of seats sold as of two hours before the flight… The 228 does not include the two children who sit with their parents.

It has been ‘claimed’ that four people did not board the plane. That would make the final number of seats used down at 224.

He explains that if you add the two children, plus the 12 crew members you get 238 passengers, not 239 – thus placing one passenger who is unaccounted for. His theory is that he is the hijacker who took the plane down.

He added that:


The extra passenger likely acted in conjunction with larger external operational support to take full command and control of the cockpit of MH370.

However the official investigators were already aware of this discrepancy and were quick to debunk Milne’s theory.

In a statement they said:

The actual number of passengers on-board was 227. Page 575 is a copy of the computerised Load sheet which was transmitted about two hours before the aircraft departure.

The actual figures can differ from that transmitted on the load sheet due to last minute changes (LMC).


Another ‘crackpot’ theory to the flight’s disappearance claims that North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un, is behind the disappearance of flight MH370.

The Malaysian Airliner went missing on March 8, 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpar International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport in China.

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