Investigators Claim To Find ‘Alien Skull’ On The Surface Of Mars

by : Tom Percival on : 11 Jun 2016 17:15

How NASA scientists manage to keep their jobs I’ll never understand especially when self-proclaimed YouTube experts keep finding aliens everywhere!


The tinfoil hat wearing brigade Ufologists now claim to have spotted an alien skull on Mars resembling the infamous Big Foot which legendarily stalks the woods of Northern America.

The skull, which definitely isn’t a rock, was spotted lying on the red sands of Mars in photos sent back to Earth by NASA’s Curiosity Rover as it explored the Red Planet’s surface.


NASA foolishly failed to spot the rock, I mean skull and didn’t report on it, but some paranormal investigators believe something more sinister’s going on.


Paranormal Crucible a YouTube channel, which for god knows what reason is now considered an equal authority with the people who’ve been to space, has accuse NASA of “misinterpreting objects” in the images.

I mean what sounds more reasonable that NASA spotted the skull and doctored the photos to make it look like a rock or that some YouTubers managed to crack NASA’s insidious plan?

featured-8-625x352featured-8-625x352Universal Pictures

A video released this week said:

Strange artefact found by the rover, appears to resemble a large skull, obviously alien in nature, could it be the remains of a Sasquatch or a bizarre Martian creature?

The video zooms in on an object on the surface of mars, which may or may not be a rock, which is slightly off colour to the rest of the photo.

The YouTube experts then highlight it with lighter colours, a tried and tested way to make a video look professional while proving nothing, to sharpen the image which critics say misrepresent the image.

Head-2-561871Head-2-561871You Tube

While some viewers believed the video for example one user posted:

It looks more like the head of a statue, rather than a skull. It reminds me of those old Greek style bronze statues where the eyes are hollow.

But thankfully most didn’t believe it, one pointed out: ‘That is not how the Image started out.’ while another said: How about a rock. I just don’t see a skull there, sorry.”

Apparently the history of aliens and Big Foot have been intertwined for years, because if you buy into one load of bullshit you’re probably pretty likely to buy the next lot that comes along.

mars thumbmars thumbWikimedia

One theory claims that the reasons why UFOs are seen before Big Foot sightings is because the legendary monster may be an alien researchers sent to Earth to gather pine cones or some nonsense.

Sometimes a rock’s just a rock…

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