iOS 11 Is Causing Big Problems For People Who’ve ‘Upgraded’

by : UNILAD on : 25 Sep 2017 11:56

Apple users who’ve ‘upgraded’ to iOS 11 have noticed a huge problem with it and there’s research to back it up.

What gets on most people’s nerves about Apple? Yep, you guessed it, battery life. And it turns out iOS 11 is draining battery 60 per cent faster.


Wandera reports iPhones running iOS 10 can be used for 240 minutes on average before the battery dies. Meanwhile iPhones running iOS 11 last just 96 minutes on average – a massive 60% decline.


Wandera said in a report:

We looked at a subset of 50,000 moderate to heavy iPhone and iPad users in our network running iOS 10 and iOS 11 to compare the average battery decay rate over the past three days.


Some iOS 11 upgraders have achieved improvements by resetting the factory settings on their iPhones, but this comes with a catch.

According to Forbes, you can’t factory reset and restore from a previous backup, you have to ‘setup as a brand new device’ which means losing all your apps, data and settings – and it still doesn’t work for everyone. Great.

And people are understandably not happy:


It’s not the only thing people are concerned about with the new update.

You are now able to record a device’s output, meaning you can record your friend’s Snapchat pictures and videos, messages or FaceTimes without them even knowing.

Looks like people will be desperately awaiting iOS 11.0.1.

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