iPhone 6S Leak: Expect Faster Internet Speeds And Longer Battery Life


As the iPhone 6S leaks continue, more and more information about the upcoming handset is doing the rounds, and it all seems very positive.

According to 9to5Mac, the new “S” handset is coming this Autumn and will provide the user with much faster internet speeds and at last, a longer battery life.

The fast net speeds are all thanks to the brand new next-generation Qualcomm modem, which will push LTE speeds from 150Mpbs to (new) highs of 300Mbps. That’s fast.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.14.209to5Mac

Thanks to network limitations, not everyone will see these speeds, but overall everything will be much quicker, and with the new modem being reportedly more energy efficient, you will see a much longer battery life.

With that, there will be a smaller motherboard in the device, which will allow for a bigger battery and in turn provide you with even more juice.

The handset design is hardly a mile from its predecessor, but Apple are hoping the interior changes this time will be well worth the upgrade, and if the current leaks are accurate, it sure sounds like it.