iPhone 8 Rumours Have Already Begun And It Sounds Amazing

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On Wednesday, the world met Apple’s official iPhone 7 announcement with a collective ‘meh’. 

And while most weren’t overly impressed with the new phone, the hype machine’s already starting up for Apple’s next product launch, the iPhone 8 – will we ever learn?

According to TechInsider, Apple are expected to announce the brand spanking new iPhone 8 next year, to coincide with the ten year anniversary of the phone’s launch, and the rumours are pretty exciting.

There’s no ‘S’ in iPhone 8…

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Unlike previous models, which have jumped from a numbered version to an upgraded ‘S’ version – the iPhone 5 to iPhone 5S for example – this will be a direct upgrade from seven to eight.

This rumour comes from an analyst at Barclays who claims that Apple are looking to do something special to commemorate their iPhone’s ten year anniversary.

The future’s bright…. and smooth…

Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhoneGetty

According to The Korea Herald, the iPhone 8 will be built using an AMOLED display, which will give the screen brighter more vibrant colours than the current LCD displays used in iPhones.

Rumours are also doing the rounds that the iPhone 8 will have an all-display front surface without any bezels or borders, giving it a huge, smooth display.

The home button will also be embedded into the front glass panel, making it completely invisible.

This YouTuber has even mocked up his own version.

Where we’re going we don’t need wires…

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Rumour has it that the iPhone 8 will use wireless charging rather than the standard USB port.

Earlier this month, Apple submitted a patent for wireless charging, which shows that the company is looking to optimise wireless charging methods.

Don’t get too ‘jacked’ though…

Unfortunately, the phone still won’t have a standard headphone jack so you’ll be forced to use Apple’s newer headphones.