Iran Just Unveiled A New ‘Tank’ And It Looks Ridiculous



Iran’s latest weapon in the war against its enemies may be one of the most ridiculous looking ‘tanks’ ever designed, looking like something from a bad 80s sci-fi movie. 

The vehicle, known as Fallagh tank, was unveiled by the Iranian military back in May, but looks more like a go-kart than a weapon of war, even if it does have machine gun glued to its top.

tank 1YouTube

Warisboring report that Masoud Reza Zawarei, an Iranian army General, told Mashregh News that the Fallagh ‘has incredible power considering its weight and is very quick’, so we imagine it’d make an ace dodgem.

As a tank though it leaves a lot to be desired, its driver is awfully exposed and experts have debated how effective it would be in a sustained conflict, believing it’d be more useful for crowd control than actual war.

Despite this, the Fallagh has been doing the rounds on Iranian media, where it’s been claimed that the all-terrain vehicle can move at 60 miles per hour off road and 80 miles per hour on road, despite it weighing around four tonnes.

This isn’t the first time Tehran has made a theatrical display of its military strength, Warisboring have documented several times when Iran has showcased weapons that are about as useful as a chocolate teapot, including rifles that jam and a ‘stealth jet’ designed for propaganda.