Iranian TV Mistakes Videogame Footage For Sniper Taking Out ISIS Fighters


We all make mistakes, but not usually like this. A recent news report on Iranian TV claimed to show footage of a Hezbollah sniper killing six ISIS fighters in under two minutes, from a huge distance. Turns out it was actually footage from Medal of Honor.

Still a pretty cool set of kills though.

Apparently this fake footage has been doing the rounds on TV in Iran and Saudi Arabia, as well as across the internet under headlines like “six Daesh combatants are killed in 2 minutes by a Hezbollah sniper”.

One channel actually made the bold claim that the rifle being used in the video was an Iranian-made Arash rifle (it really wasn’t).

Of course, it soon transpired that the footage is pretty much identical to this video below, taken from Medal of Honor in 2012.

Presumably, as long we have murky videogame footage we can make our own news now, then. I’m off to get some dodgy screenshots of Star Wars Battlefront and make everyone believe that Jeremy Hunt was mugged by Stormtroopers last week.