Iraqi Soldier’s Quick-Thinking Sees Him Outsmart ISIS Sniper


This is the incredible moment an Iraqi soldier outsmarts an ISIS sniper that has him pinned down and vulnerable.

The soldier attempts to return fire at the Islamic State marksman, and is lucky not to be hit in the process.

As he hides behind a narrow rock you can see the sand fly as bullets hit the earth surrounding, eventually forcing him to consider an alternative method of escape.

After a quick rummage through his rucksack the soldier devises a cunning plan to reach his comrade with the camera.

Using a stick, a rag, and his cap the man deceives his enemy, raising the fake head into the snipers vision and waiting for him to pull the trigger.

Check it out.

The video, uploaded to LiveLeak by a user called IraqiPride, claims the footage was shot in Syria, and it certainly looks authentic.

Incredible scenes.