Iraqi ‘Terminator’ Sacrifices Himself To Save ‘Dozens’ From ISIS Attack


As the bloody war in Iraq continues with mass scale atrocities taking place day after day, this heart-wrenching story of a police officer, who has been dubbed ‘The Terminator’, has gone viral. 

Iraqi Police Officer, Shafi Alotifi, was patrolling the streets two days ago as he had done throughout his many years on the beat. However on Thursday, Alotifi noticed a nervous looking man pacing through the busy streets, just west of Baghdad, with a suicide belt strapped to his chest.

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Without giving it a second thought, Alotifi sprinted up to the terrorist and wrestled him to the ground – preventing the man from getting to his intended target and from killing a copious amount of people on the densely populated streets of Al-Shu’lah, reports Al Masdar News.

However the attacker detonated his belt – instantly killing the pair of them.

In the immediate aftermath of his selfless death, Alotifi has been hailed a hero and a martyr with many claiming that without his actions, dozens of innocent people would’ve died in yet another devastating attack.

Al Masdar News stated:

Alotifi’s gallantry saved a countless number of lives on Thursday, preventing another tragedy from taking place in Iraq.

In the past few years, Iraq has been plagued by a devastating war wreaking havoc throughout the country while causing mass divides between Shia and Sunni Muslims.

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Hopefully one day there will be no need for heroes such as Police Officer Alotifi, or Najih Shaker Al-Baldawi, and countless unknown others, to sacrifice themselves to save the lives of others people.

Our thoughts go out to Alotifi’s family and friends at this hard time.