Iraqi Troops Capture ISIS Fighter, Ask Internet How He Should Die


WARNING: Graphic content.

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Iraqi special forces took to Instagram to ask if their ISIS captive should die.

In the chilling mobile phone footage, the troops are shouting at the suicide bomber who failed to detonate. He appears to have been brutally beaten by them, as Arabic music plays in the background.

It has now emerged that the specialist troops asked social media users how he should die, using the account @iraqiswat – which had more than 80,000 followers – reports Middle East News.

Iraqi-army-takes-selfies-with-ISIS-captive-before-executing-him (1)

It said:

You can vote For (kill him or let him go) You have one houer (sic) to vote We will post his fate after one houer. Tag your friends and take your right take your reveng from isis right now.

The images were finally removed by Instagram a few hours later and it now appears that the @iraqiswat account is no longer active.

In the brutal video, one of the soldiers executes the prisoner with his rifle. Not long after, other troops join in and start opening fire on the body.


Another soldier can be seen taking a selfie with the corpse of apparently another ISIS militant during the footage, which was reportedly taken near the town of Makhmour, south of Nineveh.

However, it’s now come out that these posts might be a hoax, as several of the account’s photos have been lifted from other social media pages, including the infamous execution post.

This is all pretty fucked up nonetheless…