Irish Gangster ‘Gunned Down By Masked Assassin’ In Costa Del Sol Bloodbath

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A 34-year-old Irish gangster has been killed in the Costa Del Sol.

Gary Hutch was shot several times in broad daylight, after being ambushed by assailants when returning to his apartment complex at around 11.30am yesterday.

He was shot twice in the back and then several times in the head, despite trying to hide after the first round of gunfire.

His killer then reportedly ran through Mijas village, before getting into a BMW and driving away.


Hutch was the nephew of kingpin Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch, and had already dodged an attempt on his life earlier this year.

His death is thought to be linked with an ongoing feud with the Kinahan drug mob, with the gunman having waited for Hutch at his home in Miraflores resort.

His family are thought to be gathered at their home in Dublin as they mourn Hutch.