Irish Tourist Takes On Entire Turkish Mob And Wins


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This incredible footage shows the moment an Irish tourist takes on a whole mob of angry Turkish shopkeepers.

It all kicked off when the huge Irishman opened up a fridge at a shop in Istanbul, only for all the water bottles to fall out. The shopkeeper took offence to this and went to attack him with a stick.

Pretty unfair to be honest, it’s not really his fault they all fell out.

But anyway, this man doesn’t need our sympathy – it turns out he’s ‘a professional boxer’. Allegedly, anyway. Despite being massively outnumbered, he manages to hold his own against the angry shopkeepers, who attack him with chairs and wooden poles.

When he realises it’s on, he casually takes his sunglasses off and places them on the top of his head. Meanwhile, he’s taking shots with pieces of wood like an absolute champ.

It’s business time:

He looks like he doesn’t want to leave.