Irishman In Dubai Trolls His Mate Hard With Epic Musical Snapchat Story

WEBTHUMBsnapchatDavid Ott

David Ott and Mikey Gilmore are two Irish ‘friends’ living in Dubai.

I say ‘friends’, because after this video that may no longer be the case.

David decided to turn Mike’s life into an epic musical masterpiece, jumping out at him with a medley of surprise interludes, featuring a variety of popular songs, seemingly just to piss him off.

He documented the whole charade on Snapchat, and they’ve been compiled together on one handy Facebook post, for your viewing pleasure:

If your gonna wreck someone’s head… make it musical Micheal Mac Giolla Mhuire

Posted by David Ott on Friday, 21 August 2015

To be fair, it’s better than most musicals.