Iron Throne Theory Could Be Key To Defeating GOT White Walkers


Winter is here and the realm of men is in desperate need of a plan if the White Walkers are to be defeated.

One redditor believes they may have stumbled across a potential solution having paid close attention to an old interview with George R.R. Martin.

The theory revolves around the Iron Throne itself, and the manufacture of Valyrian steel.

In an interview from 2014 Martin confirms that one key element to producing Valyrian steel is the ability to forge it in dragon fire, as noted by ‘batteryramdar’.

It is a long understood principle from Game of Thrones, but Martin has yet to put it so explicitly in the books as he does this interview…

So with three dragons in her possession, Daenerys Targaryen seemingly has the ability to produce weapons capable of taking on the army of the undead.

There is the small matter of what magic needs using, and finding someone with mad skills as a blacksmith – Gendry has been MIA for quite some time now…

Alternatively, and this is where it gets really interesting, the answer may have been sat under the arse of every ruler in King’s Landing for a very long time.

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As ‘aonf’ suggests, the Iron Throne is made up of regular swords fused by dragon fire – which turns regular objects into White Walker slaying must haves.

So, dismantle the throne and have one thousand swords at the ready to take on the Night King’s men perhaps?

As theories go it isn’t a bad one – stranger things have certainly happened in Westeros.