Is Jon Snow Returning To Game Of Thrones?

Jon SnowHBO

It’s the news the world has been hoping for, ever since the great emotional Facebook meltdown that followed the Game of Thrones season finale back in June: Jon Snow might be alive.

Kit Harrington, the actor who plays Snow, has been spotted in Belfast, where the show films a lot of its scenes.

And the hair is still there. Harrington had a clause in his contract that stated he wasn’t allowed to cut his hair while he was a part of the show, so the continuation of his locks would seem to suggest he’ll be back.

The cast are in Belfast for the first season 6 table read, adding even more fuel to the speculation that everyone’s favourite moody northern bastard might be making a return to our screens.

Harrington has previously stated that as far as he knows his character is definitely dead, as most people are when they’re brutally stabbed by their brothers. But Jon Snow is famous for knowing nothing, so fingers crossed.