Is There A Secret U.S. Government Apocalypse Bunker Buried Beneath Denver Airport?

by : Tom Percival on : 01 Jun 2016 13:07

With the threat of attacks from ISIS, viral outbreaks and, of course, nuclear obliteration by North Korea, the apocalypse could be only minutes away. But, thankfully, the U.S. government have got a plan.


Or, at least, that’s what conspiracy theorists think, who claim that buried beneath Denver International Airport is a huge underground bunker capable of protecting the government from the end of days.

These keyboard crusaders for truth claim they’ve got definitive proof of the bunker as well, and that there may be a more sinister reason behind the suspicious airport, The Mirror reports.


Of course, these Internet experts have let the world know the only way they can, through totally not mental YouTube videos.


Many of these videos examine theories behind the admittedly weird architecture and design of the airport including post apocalyptic murals, monstrous gargoyle sculptures and even a giant demonic horse statue complete with glowing red eyes.

Tyler Glockner, a member of the Internet’s most dedicated UFO hunting squad Secure Team 10, has uploaded one video that claims something is very wrong at Denver International Airport.


He claims:

There have been a range of conspiracy theories about Denver airport. The most known is that the airport is actually a massive base, said to be underground.

It’s almost as if they [the government] built this airport with some sort of information that we don’t know about that something bad is going to happen in the new future.

When Denver airport opened all the way back in 1995, one of the most striking things about the airport was the number of supposedly ‘strange symbols’ and murals, which many have alleged depict an apocalypse which some have linked to the Freemasons.


Other paintings show soldiers, burning cities and the people of all nations holding hands, which some believe refers to a dystopian one-world government and military oppression.


Is it just me that thinks it’d take a pretty incompetent mastermind to draw their evil plans on their own base, so that anyone with a YouTube channel and an over-active imagination can figure it out?

Tyler has other proof though, believing that the ‘demonic’ blue horse statue which stands at the front of the airport is a bit strange, which he’s right about, to be fair. But, again, why signpost your evil intentions?

Denver_international_airport (1)Denver_international_airport (1)Wikimedia

Perhaps most damningly in the eyes of conspiracy theorists is that a plaque at the front of the airport has a masonic symbol on it and, as all good tinfoil hat wearers know, the masons are responsible for everything.

There’s also a time capsule built into the plaque, apparently, which terrifies conspiracy theorists, presumably because the opening will lead to a gathering of people – what are they plotting?!

Meanwhile, Denver International Airport have an answer for the rumoured secret underground bunker – they claim they use it for storage. A likely story…

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