Is There A Serial Killer On The Loose In Manchester?


A researcher and author claims a serial killer is responsible for killing 61 people in Manchester since 2004.

Thomas Sheridan, author of several books and articles on psychopathy, is convinced that the 61 people were pushed into the city’s canals.

Mr Sheridan, 51, from Northern Ireland, recently visited Manchester in order to investigate the claims. He said he was there tailed by ‘a tall man wearing a hood’ into a poorly lit area of the Rochdale Canal towpath.

The theory was originally conjured by professor Craig Jackson, the head of psychology at Birmingham City University. He argues the sheer volume of bodies that have been pulled out of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal is ‘alarming’ and is evidence of a foul play.


Greater Manchester Police have always maintained there is no serial killer, and that all the deaths in the past nine years are either suicides or accidents, The Manchester Evening News reported.

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