Is This Stinker Of A Move The Dirtiest In The History Of MMA?


We know almost anything goes in MMA but this has to be one of the dirtiest moves ever used to win a bout.

A video, from back in 2014 but which according to The Daily Star has recently resurfaced, shows two MMA fighters grappling and wrestling with each other in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu exhibition bout in a vain attempt to get their opponent to submit.

What one of the poor fighters doesn’t realise is that the man he’s battling has a secret chemical weapon and, when he goes for an omoplata, he unleashes his stinker of a move – he farts.


The powerfully pungent pump causes the his opponent to tap out as he immediately begins puking his guts out, appealing to the referee that his opponent had let one rip right in his face.

The stunned athlete says to his opponent, ‘you farted in my face, dude’ before being handed a paper towel to tidy up his accident.

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This MMA fighter isn’t the only one to suffer a tummy upset while at the gym – John Rudgard, a strongman, repeatedly projectile vomited during a dead-lift competition back in 2012.

Hey, although this poor bastard lost, I think we can all agree he showed off some sick moves…