Is This The Most Fake Celebrity On Instagram?



All aboard the bandwagon – make way for yet another alleged celebrity whose very existence calls millennial values of self into question.

Miquela – who otherwise goes by her truly original nickname ‘lilmiquela‘ – is the latest Instagram sensation who has amassed 65.8k followers in just 19 weeks.

And despite her efforts to convince people otherwise, she’s not even real. Clearly.

Lil Miquela is a female cyborg, like something straight out of our impending dystopian future.

She’s warranted a lot of attention in the press because of her enigmatic existence, including an in-depth analysis in Dazed.

Girl you're not nice, you're rude

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Despite only posting 75 times, the cyborg – who is rumoured to be a graphic designer working on the new SIMS game according to the Independent – is getting thousands of likes on her pictures, matching Made In Chelsea‘s Louise Thompson and supermodel Lara Stone.

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Miquela’s talents extend so far, she’s even been roped in to advertise sports bras and attend LA nightclubs along with her human squad…

Just when we thought Instagram couldn’t get any more fake.