Is This The Most Offensive YouTuber Ever?



YouTuber Nicole Arbour uploaded a video late last week called “Dear Fat People.” The video was removed for hate speech, so she made a new video about how people get offended by stuff, and now the “Dear Fat People” video is back up. People remain offended.  

I subscribed to Nicole’s videos after the Instagram Model routine and I do very much enjoy her timing and performance. Without over-analysing a fellow video-maker too much I can’t help ponder if this is a case of satire gone wrong.

Nicole claims her comedy is satirical, but usually satire takes aim at controlling organisations, corporations, government power structures, and Tom Cruise. It’s about (for me) holding corruption and shifty dickheads accountable. Fat people are innocent targets, so perhaps herein lies the backlash.

Anyhow, you guys can judge for yourselves if you find her work outright offensive or satirically on point. Here is the original video:

After watching the doco Fed Up last night I do kind of wish her energy and wit was used to satirise the bloody sugar industry in here somewhere.

The second video was made to help her get the first video publicly available again.

What are your thoughts? Offended? Was the speech hateful and outweighing LOLs? Entertained? Don’t give a fuck?