ISIS Are Funding Terrorism By ‘Selling Shrunken Heads Of Decapitated Victims Online’

by : UNILAD on : 06 Feb 2016 18:53

ISIS are allegedly shrinking the heads of their beheaded victims and selling them online to help fund the terrorist group.


The claim has been made by an American pastor who says the militants have worked out that shrunken heads are worth hundreds of dollars to collectors online.

Harry Walther, from Montana, believes that the group is now making a profit from the sick public executions they regularly hold to punish those who do not follow the rule of the so-called Islamic State.

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The Daily Mirror has reported Walther as citing Bible passages to reference his concerns.


Walther said:

In Revelation 9, John sees an army of 200,000,000 soldiers wage war against the west.

So as we are told The ‘Tribulation Martyrs are greater than any, many could number’ – this means there will be more than 200 million beheaded Christians and possibly over 300 million.

What to do with 350 million decapitated heads?

Make shrunken heads and sell them for a king’s ransom!

Walther added that based on Christian doctrine and the current market rates of shrunken heads that ISIS could make hundreds of billions as a result.

He added:

According to satanic belief, these heads will be more prized than silver and gold.

During The Holocaust, the Nazis made shrunken heads from decapitated Jewish prisoners and hung them in the jail cells to terrify Jews into following orders and taking their ‘showers’ (poison gas chambers).

So 350 million decapitated heads sold at $1000 (£690) a head comes to $350 billion (£241 billion) dollars!

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The pastor also stated he is concerned about how readily available kits are to create shrunken heads.

He said:


Even if the shrunken heads of Christians start at $100 (£69) and range up in price from $500 (£345) or more, we are still talking about hundreds of billions of dollars made as the love of money drives mankind to commit the ultimate acts of human atrocities.

If you think this is sick, I will tell you what is really sick.

You can purchase REAL shrunken heads. You can purchase kits to make shrunken heads from goat skins. Children can buy ‘kits’ to make imitation shrunken heads for Halloween.

Methinks the pastor may be getting a little bit carried away, but nonetheless, the thought of ISIS making money out of their grisly executions is just sickening.

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    ISIS 'selling shrunken heads of decapitated victims on auction websites for more than £350 a time to fund terrorism'