ISIS Are Using ‘Suicide Chickens’ Now Because They’re Running Out Of Weapons


New reports suggest that terrorists from the Islamic State (ISIS) are resorting to strapping bombs to chickens as their weapons stocks are running low.

The terror group operating in and around the Iraqi city of Fallujah are understood to be using bomb vests strapped to poultry in an effort to blow up enemy strongholds.

The militants reportedly send the animals into the enemy camps and then use remote controls to set off the explosive devices once the birds are within striking distance.

The disturbing images have emerged online and quickly went viral, and experts say that the the crude and cruel tactics show the chaotic state of the group.


It is believed that the jihadist group are currently running low on ammunition and weaponry, due to U.S-coalition forces targeting delivery lines between Syria and Iraq.

This means fighters have resorted to making their own bombs and mortar shells using gas canisters and fertiliser smuggled over the border with Turkey.

And, this isn’t the first time ISIS have resorted to using animals to carry out attacks. These latest claims come just days after reports of the terror group using an explosive goat to attack a Kurdish base in Syria.

On the one hand, we worry what ISIS might resort to next (sharks with laser beams strapped to their heads, perhaps?) but the news that they are running low on ammo can surely only be a good thing for the rest of us in the long run.