ISIS Fighter Accidentally Blows Himself Up With Rocket Launcher

Live Leak

A crazy new video shows the moment an Islamic State fighter appears to accidentally blow himself up as he attempts to fire a rocket-propelled grenade at his enemies.

The not-so-bright man is alleged to be a member of ISIS and can be seen in the footage crouching down and pointing the weapon out of a hole in the wall, caused by a previous explosion.

But, it’s fair to say, his attack doesn’t go to plan as the deadly projectile abruptly explodes in his hands, covering the room in smoke and rubble, and engulfing him.

The footage of the guy’s apparent demise, which was uploaded to Live Leak, cuts away after the explosion.

Although the man is alleged to be a member of Daesh, it is unclear when and in which country the footage was filmed.

After that video of a jihadi seemingly being blown up in Syria last week, it looks like the ISIS guys aren’t having too great a time of it lately. What a shame, eh?