ISIS Fighter ‘Wins Chance To Become Suicide Bomber’


Unsettling footage of what appears to be an ISIS fighter celebrating winning the chance to become the next suicide bomber, has emerged online.

The propaganda video shows a bearded fighter choosing  between the hands of another member, and celebrating after he picked the hand containing a white stone.

The Daily Mail reports that this stones is the ticket to become the next suicide bomber, and the bearded man hugs and kisses the other members of the group in joy.

The man who was holding the stone then kisses the ‘winner’ on the head before he takes a backpack from a man holding a rifle.

The film then cuts to a scene of a makeshift armoured car driving through a deserted village, followed by footage of a smoking building.


It is not possible to verify if the man chosen actually carried out the attack in the video.

At a time when many of the terrorist group’s fighters are abandoning their cause, Daily Mail reports that ISIS are desperately trying to promote their work.


On Thursday, ISIS fighter trying to escape their own attack, were seen fleeing Mosul in women’s clothing because wives were ordered to evacuate the city.

Iraqi and Kurdish forces backed by U.S.-led coalition support launched an attempt to take back Mosul from IS.