Isis Fighters Get Kicked In The Balls In Bizarre New Training Video


Isis have released a strange new training video showing their fighters leapfrogging, boxing and being kicked in the bollocks.

The pretty odd 14-minute propaganda film gives a bit of insight into the methods behind their brutal regime… but it looks a lot more stupid than we think they realise.


They are also seen doing a few more usual exercises and training sessions, including, boxing, stretching, firing guns and doing press ups.

But by far the weirdest and most uncomfortable section of the film, is when the soldiers line up with their hands behind their back while their superior drives brutal kicks between their legs. Ouch.


The training regime is broken up with interviews with the masked trainee jihadists and finally ends with their new recruits lining up and on this occasion shaking hands with their trainers.

This comes a few days after Isis released an English-language film threatening the UK for being part of a ‘coalition of devils’ with the U.S.

Similar videos are reported to have been released at the same time in French, Russian and Turkish.