‘ISIS Gunman’ Takes Hostages At Supermarket In France

by : UNILAD on : 23 Mar 2018 11:34

At least two people are reportedly dead after a gunman claiming allegiance to ISIS has taken hostages in a supermarket in the south of France, according to reports.


A policeman has reportedly been injured following a second shooting which is believed to be related.

The gunman, who screamed ‘Vengeance For Syria’ is thought to have taken the hostages in a branch of Super U in Trebes, south of Toulouse. It is thought the the man entered the supermarket at 11.00am local time.

Shots have been fired in the area and the Prime Minister Édouard Philippe has called the situation ‘serious’, The Mirror reports.


Local media have reported a policeman who was jogging in nearby Carcassonne was shot at by two people in a car. The officer is reportedly wounded.

The attacker also demanded the release of Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam.

At least two people have been killed, according to reports, with some claiming three are dead. Dozens are injured.

It has been reported that all of the hostages have been freed, and the hostage-taker is now alone with a police officer.

[Update]: It has been reported that the attacker has since been shot dead.

This is a breaking news story, we will update the story as it unfolds.

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    Two dead after 'ISIS' gunman 'shoots at police officers and takes hostages in French supermarket'