ISIS Has Begun Killing Women And Children Who Try To Escape

by : UNILAD on : 29 Oct 2016 16:16



A former Daesh fighter has claimed that the terror group is shooting women and children fleeing areas under their control to put others off from escaping.

Speaking to Sky News, Abu Ahmed said that he was ordered to shoot to kill those who desperately tried to escape the so-called Islamic State’s brutal regime.

Ahmed is now being held by Kurdish forces as a prisoner.


He said:

The thing people care about the most is their children. The hardest thing for anybody to see is their child being hurt, even if it’s not with a weapon, but Isis are going to use guns on children. People tried to flee, because of the conditions in Mosul, to Kurdistan or Baghdad but they would be blown up by IEDs and if they weren’t they’d be shot at even if they were kids.

It’s estimated that 900 Isis fighters were killed in gunfights with Iraqi forces in the last week alone in Mosul, as part of an offensive move on Daesh’s stronghold in northern Iraq.


The United Nations warned that as many as 200,000 civilians could be displaced due to the battle, with almost 12,000 having already been moved on in 10 days, according to Iraq’s Ministry of Displacement and Migration.

There are now further fears from the United Nation that those left in and around the city could be used as ‘human shields’.

But despite this horrific destruction, many Iraqis are now tasting freedom for the first time in places like Fadhiliya, 10 miles east of Mosul.


Many Iraqis who fled their homes are now being reunited with their families, after being separated when Isis took control.

However, one resident called Hamza, was fearful that the terror group would come back.

“We are happy but we are also very scared – for the last two years I stayed in my house because I feared they would hurt or kill me as an unbeliever,” he told Sky News.


Hopefully this operation in Mosul will be the beginning of the end for this abhorrent terrorist organisation.

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