ISIS Propaganda Film Shows Children Playing Fatal ‘Hide And Seek’ With Prisoners


A new propaganda film allegedly produced by ISIS has been posted online which appears to show child soldiers executing prisoners.

In the video young boys are given a balaclava and a handgun before entering some ruins and hunting down captives whose hands are tied behind their backs.

The Daily Mail has reported that in the full video the children execute prisoners at close range.

Once each child has completed their kill they return to their instructor and pass the gun and mask onto the next recruit.

The film, which is believed to have been filmed in a remote part of Deir ezzor province in Syria, also shows many young boys reciting verses from the Quran.

Bizarrely they also receive a strange barrage of kicks and punches from older members of the group including to the groin, a tactic that seems to be used in training men of all ages.

Children surrounded by war, being brainwashed to carry out murder at the cost of their innocence. Tragic.