ISIS Release Horrific Video Game-Style Execution Footage


Warning: Distressing images.


Horrific video game-style footage has emerged of an ISIS militant assassinating a Yemeni colonel online.

The shocking first person clip shows Colonel Abd Al-Rahim Al-Dale’i getting into his car in the war-torn city of Aden, Yemen, before he is approached by a jihadist, reports The Mirror.

The Daesh fighter soon points his weapon at the airport security boss, before brutally gunning him down at point blank range.


The graphic video then shows the victim lying on the ground with blood spattered across his shirt.

At the time of the execution no group claimed responsibility for it, but so-called Islamic State later released harrowing footage of the attack online.

A civil war has been raging on in Yemen for the past 19 months, something which Daesh have taken full advantage of as they expand their presence across the temporary capital city.


There have been several assassination attempts on leading political figures and soldiers over the past few months, with many proving successful for the terrorist organisation.

A senior officer in the country’s intelligence service, Colonel Ali Muqbil Awadh, was shot dead while driving through Aden back in September and only a month before that, similar footage of another drive-by shooting in the troubled city was released.