ISIS Release New Video In English Threatening The UK And U.S.


Islamic State have released a chilling (albeit slightly corny) new video threatening both the UK and the U.S. for being a part of a “coalition of devils”.

The four minute clip, released online yesterday, is the most direct threat and call to arms against Britain from ISIS to date.

The highly stylised video, made in the style of a Hollywood western and featuring an English speaking voiceover, features the flags of 60 nations which the terrorists say are all part of a global coalition against Islamic State, including the United Kingdom, plus nations like the U.S., Japan, Canada, France and Australia.

The propaganda film also taunts America to “bring it on” with their airstrikes in Syria, claiming Islamic State fighters “haunt the mind of your soldiers and sew fear into their hearts” because of their missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the video, the booming voiceover says:

We only bow to Allah unless the countless deviant factions raising their false banners. America, you claim to have the greatest army history has known. You may have the numbers and weapons but your soldiers lack the will and resolve, still scarred from their defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq. They return dead or suicidal, with over 6,500 of them killing themselves each year.

Similar videos have reportedly been released at the same time in French, Russian and Turkish.

As ever, we should stress that until there are any direct warnings from the police about a terror threat, we shouldn’t give in to this kind of fearmongering and everyone should carry on as normal, and treat the idiots in Islamic State like the absolute fools they’ve made themselves look with this embarrassing video.