ISIS Show They’ll Claim Responsibility For Anything After Latest Propaganda Video


The so-called Islamic State have released a bizarre video montage, celebrating their appalling crimes, which includes something which wasn’t even carried out by them.

Their propaganda team must have been scratching around for more content in their latest video, as they decided to include the Bastille Day Eiffel Tower fire in it, despite that being an accident.

Pro-Daesh media company Al-Battar released a clip including footage of the blaze as it engulfed the iconic landmark and plumes of smoke bellowed out, which many feared at the time was another attack.


After the horrific atrocities in Brussels and Paris, you can understand why everyone was still on tenterhooks. But French police soon confirmed that it was, in fact, connected to the Bastille Day fireworks display in Paris.

The fire footage emerged as the horrific events unfolded in Nice, where at least 84 people were killed and 52 seriously injured when a truck ran over a crowd of people who were celebrating Bastille day.

But, perhaps this inclusion of the Eiffel Tower is a sign that they’re running out of ideas for how to strike fear into the West?


The jury is still out on whether the two latest high-profile attacks in Orlando last month, and Nice only a couple of days ago, were carried out by the terror group or if they were carried out independently.

However, this hasn’t stopped them from taking responsibility for both of these atrocities anyway.

They recently released a propaganda video praising the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, featuring the chilling message: 

Omar Mateen. One of Islamic State’s lions, set out to restore the glory of the Ummah and avenge the death of Muslims. He shook the head of kufr (unbeliever) America, terrorised it and shed its blood.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 14.26.55YouTube

With these atrocities sadly becoming more and more frequent, we can’t just take everything at face value and jump to the conclusion that every attack revolves around Daesh.

They pray on this fear and use it against us, making us paranoid and ultimately making our country more fractured then ever.


This isn’t the time for division and inciting hatred. It’s time for unity and for us all to stand together in the face of this absolute evil.