ISIS Shows Off ‘Bomb’ They Claim Brought Down Russian Plane Over Sinai


ISIS have been showing off the ‘bomb’ they allegedly used to down a Russian passenger plane.

The group posted images of the device they claim blew up the plane as it travelled over Egypt’s Sinai, killing all 224 passengers, RT reported.

The photo, published online by Islamic State’s Dabiq magazine, shows a soft drink can and what looks like a detonator and switch – purportedly the makings of an improvised bomb.

They also showed another photo of Russian passports, supposedly belonging to the victims of the bombing, that IS terrorists had obtained.

According to RT the authenticity of the images have yet to be verified.

The Russian Federal Security Service has now confirmed it was a terrorist attack that bought down the passenger plane, with traces of explosives being found in the wreckage.

FSB chief Aleksandr Bortnikov said: “During the flight, a homemade device with the power of 1.5 kilograms of TNT was detonated,” adding that ‘traces of a foreign-made explosive substance were found’.