ISIS Step Up Military Capabilities With Frightening New Development

FaceThumb ISISPA

The Islamic State have reportedly been increasing their drone army in a presumed attempt to launch futuristic attacks from the skies.

Though the extremist group have been using drones for quite some time, the Iraqi Ministry of Defence have claimed that the terrorists have reportedly been adding a helluva lot more drones to their arsenal.

According to the Mirror, the Iraqi MoD released this picture at the weekend showing an Iraqi soldier holding a suspected Islamic State drone, worth $1,000 (£700), which had been wiped out of the sky.

ISIS-DRONEIraqi Ministry of Defense

Apparently, the drone was snapping photos of an Iraqi Army outpost, which suggests that the extremist group are using the miniature aircrafts to spy, as well as to attack.

It has also emerged very recently that ISIS has started to fine motorists in a ludicrous attempt to make more money, following a colossal loss of land and a subsequent loss of funds.

They have also been driven to cut their fighter’s wages – and many have quit after being left pretty fed up at their treatment.

Isis 2 (2)YouTube

Having recently lost Ramadi, and with Syrian troops closing in on Aleppo, the group is paying fighters merely £100 a month because of such ‘exceptional circumstances’.