ISIS Suicide Bomber Accidentally Blows Himself Up

ANF News

Warning: Graphic Content

Footage filmed in Raqqa’s war zone has captured the moment a suicide bomber accidentally detonated his suicide vest, blowing himself up just yards from a group of Syrian rebel soldiers.

Kurdish news agency ANF News reported that eight suicide attacks attempted by ISIS militants were thwarted within three hours on Friday. As an accompanying video shows, though, one was successfully thwarted for them – by an ISIS militant himself.

The 64-second clip shows soldiers posted next to a building as shots can be heard in the background.

As a man appears around the corner of the building, the soldiers can be seen running behind a tank, and in a split second, the bomber accidentally detonates his vest – killing himself and missing his target.

According to local news agencies, the bomber was the only one killed in the failed attack.

The video, shared on ANF’s YouTube page, has since racked up over 30,000 views.