ISIS Terrorists Who Attacked Paris May Have Been High On ‘Terror Potion’


Police in France are investigating whether the ISIS terrorists were high on a toxic ‘terror potion drug’ during last Friday’s horrific attacks, after witnesses describe killers as appearing ‘zombie-like’.

It’s claimed the drug, officially named Captagon, reduces the sensation of pain, neutralises inhibitions, and creates a feeling of ecstasy and euphoria that can cause wild behaviour. The drug has been given the nickname “terror potion”.

The drug’s usually taken as a pill but it can also be dissolved into a liquid and injected. Syringes were found inside hotel rooms used by the terrorists before last Friday’s attacks.

Britain and other countries banned the drug back in the 1980s because it was considered too dangerous and highly addictive. However the drug has become popular in Gulf States for its stimulating effects on fighters.

It’s known that ISIS thugs in Syria have already been fighting while under the influence of the drug.

Meanwhile the lunatic who planned the Paris attack appears to prefer other drugs.

A neighbour claims to have seen Abdelhamid Abaaoud swigging beer and smoking a joint with a group of eight to ten men outside an apartment block, despite alcohol and drugs being forbidden by Islam.

The neighbour, Amel Alla, says she is certain she it was Abaaoud, who was died in a seven-hour siege yesterday.

Speaking to Sky News, she said:

I saw him in Muslim dress, down at the building with all these guys, perhaps eight or ten of them.

That is a street I go in every day … we said ‘hello’ to everyone in the group, every day they were sitting there but I noticed him because he was wearing Islamic dress with the hat … the others were in normal clothes.

Afterwards we saw the TV and my sister said to me, ‘Isn’t that the guy we saw the other day?

Miss Alla continued:

I am 99.9 per cent sure it was him, it is crazy.

They were there smoking joints and drinking beers – they are often in the street so I know them.

Amel saw the siege in which Abaaoud died from the window of her mum’s flat, describing the scenes as “like an American movie”.