Islamic State Leader In Iraq Killed By Airstrike Says Pentagon


A prominent figure within so-called Islamic State in Iraq has been reported dead by officials from the Pentagon.

As reported by the BBC, Abu Waheeb was killed following a coalition air strike on Friday.

Waheeb – a former member of Al Qaeda before joining Daesh – died while travelling by vehicle near the town of Rutba, Anbar province.

Spokesman Peter Cook said:

It is dangerous to be an Isil leader in Iraq and Syria nowadays.


The Pentagon confirmed three other militants also died as a result of the raid.

Waheeb achieved notoriety with the terrorist group after escaping U.S. custody in 2012 and killing Syrian truck drivers who were travelling through Iraq.

He has also been ‘falsely declared dead’ on previous occasions, according to the BBC.

The man born in 1986 was a rising figure within the militant group’s leadership and his death is sure to be considered a blow to their operations by coalition forces.