Islamophobia News Report Interrupted By Islamophobia

by : UNILAD on : 18 Aug 2016 10:50

This is the moment a BBC reporter was conducting an interview with a Muslim about the rise in Islamophobia when, almost on cue, a passerby spouted out some Islamophobia. 


Journalist, Catrin Nye, was filming a documentary about the rise of Islamophobia and interviewing a Muslim student and writer about the matter – but out of nowhere a middle aged man, called Paul, reportedly shouts ‘There’s no Sharia Law here’.

Things quickly get heated with the young woman telling Paul that if he has something to say he should just say it, but clearly realising that he has colossally fucked up, Paul backtracks and claims ‘but I wasn’t talking to you’…

Paul then adds:


We’re losing our right to freedom of expression. We are. We’re being told to be politically correct when we don’t want to be politically correct.

The clip, which certainly sums up a lot about conflicting opinions in modern day Britain as well as the lack of knowledge a lot of people have about Islam, was posted to Twitter and subsequently went viral.


Shockingly, the video comes to an end as a man shows Catrin just how many anti-Islamic tweets were being posted every second following the Nice attacks.

Apparently, for every day in July, 7,000 Islamophobic tweets were sent in English.

Hopefully, someday we’ll all learn to get along…

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