Islands Just Three Miles Apart Have 21-Hour Time Difference

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 28 Feb 2021 18:00
Islands Just Three Miles Apart Have 21-Hour Time DifferenceGoogle Earth/NASA

A TikTok user has left us all scratching our heads, after revealing that two islands, separated by just three miles of seawater, have a 21-hour time difference.

The TikTok user, who goes by the name of @ContentDropped, revealed that the Diomede Islands, located between mainland Alaska and Siberia, are actually almost a full day apart, thanks to landing on either side of the International Date Line.


Of the two islands, the bigger Diomede, on the Russian side of the date line, is 21 hours ahead of the smaller Diomede, which is located on the American side of the date line.

Check out the explainer video here:


‘There are some weird places in the world. These are the Diomede Islands,’ the TikTok video explains.

‘They sit on a Date Line. They have a 20-hour time difference even though they are only 2.5 miles apart.’

Round 110 people live on Little Diomede, while the population of Big Diomede was relocated to mainland Russia by the Soviet government, leaving just military units left behind.

But, what is perhaps most mind-blowing about the whole situation, is that in winter an ice bridge forms between the two islands, meaning you can quite literally travel through time, with the exception that it’s absolutely illegal to do so.


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Unsurprisingly, the people of TikTok were left baffled by the bizarre discovery, with several pointing out how crazy it would be if, for whatever reason, anyone needed to work on both islands.

‘Imagine working on both islands. You could do two eight hour shifts in the same day,’ one person commented.

Another added:

I’d celebrate my birthday there, so the celebrations would technically go on for two days straight!


Others pointed out that time-wise it’s more like a three hour time difference, with just a day difference on the calendar. Everyday is a school day!

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