Israel Launches Barrage Of Airstrikes In Gaza After Night Of Violence

by : Cameron Frew on : 14 May 2021 13:31
Israel Launches Barrage Of Airstrikes In Gaza After Night Of ViolencePA Images

Israel has launched a fresh barrage of airstrikes on Gaza amid mounting deaths, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has said. 

Violence has been increasing between Israeli forces and Hamas, the Palestinian militant group in Gaza. Last night’s overnight operation, May 13, from Israel has been described as the heaviest bombardment on the area yet, targeted at senior officials and destroying an alleged network of tunnels. However, no ground forces have entered the Gaza Strip.


Coming after warnings from the UN of a ‘full-scale war’ and calls for peace from nations across the world, Israel has launched a further barrage of airstrikes.

At 8.53am this morning, May 14, the IDF tweeted: ‘Our jets and aircraft just struck a number of Hamas launch sites and observation posts in Gaza.’

At least 119 Palestinian’s have been killed in Gaza, including 31 children and 19 women, with a further 830 injured as a result of the explosive hostilities, Reuters reports. In Israel, eight people have lost their lives, including a soldier patrolling the Gaza border and six Israeli civilians, two of whom were children.


In a statement released today, per The Guardian, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: ‘I said that we would charge a very heavy price from Hamas. We do this and we will continue to do so with great intensity. The last word was not said and this operation will continue as long as necessary.’

Speaking about the latest violence to BBC News, Rama Abu Rahmer, a woman who lives in Gaza, said: ‘It was awful, no-one could sleep yesterday, the bombing was everywhere. People were really afraid, especially in the night in Gaza and those who live near the borders, they were leaving their houses.’

She continued: ‘Other people in Gaza were trying to provide them with a place to sleep and food. It was really, really bad. The bombing was not only in the borders but everywhere in Gaza. Full houses were destroyed without previous warning. Families were killed – innocent women and children.’

The aftermath of Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. (PA Images)PA Images

Rahmer also said any claims of tunnels aren’t true. ‘There are no tunnels in the houses of innocent people. They are destroying full towers… which have media offices and innocent people living there who have nothing to do with Hamas. They are taking it as an excuse to destroy the city of Gaza to put pressure on Hamas so it stops the resistance,’ she added.

According to the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, more than 200 housing units and 24 schools have been destroyed or severely damaged in Gaza over the past five days of Israeli airstrikes, with additional concerns over access to fresh water.

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