Israel Reportedly Bombed Gaza With Limited Intelligence About What It Was Attacking

by : Daniel Richardson on : 26 Jun 2021 16:16
Israel Reportedly Bombed Gaza With Limited Intelligence About What They Were AttackingPA Images

On May 16, Israel bombed a street in Gaza, destroying three apartment buildings housing Palestinian civilians, but it seems that its military had limited information about what it was attacking.

After protests against displacement descended into violence last month, Israel launched airstrikes over an 11-day period that killed 113 people, including at least 31 children. At least 600 people were also injured.


Israel has claimed that the Palestinian militant group Hamas uses underground tunnels and command centres, and as a result, the military has a right to bomb the areas. But the apartment buildings that were destroyed that evening contained only civilians, and as a result, 44 died.

Air strikes destroy al-jalaa building (PA Images)PA Images

The New York Times investigated the airstrikes and after repeated questioning, Israel claimed that after bombing Al Wadha Street and destroying numerous homes, it had hit an underground command centre.

The bombing has been described as a war crime because civilians were not prewarned about the bombings. Nonetheless, Israeli officials have stated that because similar bombings had been carried out without buildings collapsing, they felt there was no need to warn people on the street, which was bombed multiple times.


Although The New York Times noted that while there was limited intelligence on what the military was looking for, it used a GBU-31, which is a 2,000-pound Mark-84 bomb equipped with a GPS-enabling JDAM. The Red Cross states that these weapons shouldn’t be used in urban areas because of the possible casualties.

Gaza / PA ImagesPA Images

The investigation found that Israel dropped at least four of these bombs within feet of the apartment buildings on Al Wadha Street. This bombing led to 44 deaths.

In its defence, the Israeli military claims it has has implanted fuses to make the bombs explode deep underground to target underground Hamas bases, rather than the people who were killed by the explosions.


Hamas denies the existence of the underground command centre.

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