It Sequel Gets September 2019 Release Date

Warner Bros. Pictures

Hollywood has stopped clowning around and finally announced the release date for the It sequel.

Before I’ve even had a chance to (work up the courage to) see It, the ground-breaking horror that smashed through several silver screen records, Pennywise is preparing to terrorise again.

So get ready to see more of this:

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New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. on Monday announced that a sequel to the Stephen King novel adaptation will hit theatres, including IMAX locations, on September 6, 2019.

It scared its way to becoming the top-grossing horror film of all time, not adjusting for inflation, earning $266.1 million domestically and $478.1 million globally to date.

Warner Bros. Pictures

One of the screenwriters, Gary Dauberman, has closed a deal to pen the screenplay for the sequel, which will reportedly take place in the present, when The Losers Club are all grown up.

However, the sequel will be punctuated with flashbacks.

So you can expect to see more of young Georgie:

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Director Andy Muschietti is expected to return, alongside producers Barbara Muschietti, Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg.

Muschietti has claimed the sequel will be much darker than the prequel.

Send popcorn and pillows to hide behind.