It Set To Overtake The Exorcist As Highest Grossing Horror Film Ever

by : Julia Banim on : 21 Aug 2017 18:50
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Stephen King will be having a very happy birthday indeed today, with horror remake It looking set to leap ahead of The Exorcist as the highest grossing horror film of all time.


1973’s The Exorcist traumatised a generation of movie goers with the story of possessed, puking pre-teen Regan MacNeil.

Her spider-walking, head spinning antics raked in $232,671,011 (£172.5m) in the US after several reissues.

To date, the classic frightfest has grossed $441,071,011 internationally, making it, until very recently, the unchallenged champion of the horror genre.

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However, it looks like Pennywise has sneaked up from the sewers to pinch Regan’s unholy crown.

The Andy Muschietti directed adaption of Stephen King’s 1986 novel has captured the imaginations of audiences across the globe, with Bill Skarsgård climbing into the terrifying clown cozzie bringing thrilling malice to a new generation.

It had the biggest opening weekend for a horror movie ever, more than double the $52 million Paranormal Activity made and nearly triple third place The Conjuring at $41 million.

Hot on the heels of Stranger Things, this eighties coming of age/supernatural clown story has tapped into a very modern sense of nostalgia.

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According to Deadline, It has currently grossed $386m (£286m) internationally in just three weeks; coming close to what The Exorcist has earned in over four decades.

It would be no exaggeration to suggest this latest incarnation of It will go on to become a horror classic in its own right.

Will It phenomenon herald a new golden age of well-acted and iconic horror movies?


We bloody well hope so!

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