It Turns Out We’ve All Been Playing Monopoly Completely Wrong

by : UNILAD on : 05 Dec 2016 14:46

There’s nothing better than sitting around with the family at Christmas and having a good old game of Monopoly. Well, until your drunk auntie flips the board because she got sent jail. 


But 2016 isn’t done making us miserable just yet, because it turns out we’ve all been playing it completely wrong for years. Seriously, not even close.

The chances are that you’ve never taken the time to actually read the rules, have you? I mean, why would you, it’s Monopoly, everyone knows how to play. It’s the first thing you learn at school.

Well, it turns out the millions of us who play it are fucking idiots.


YouTubers ‘Today I Found Out’ have released a video explaining how the popular board game should be played, and it’s nothing like how we currently play it.

For example, according to the copy of the rules slipped in every single Monopoly ever sold, Free Parking literally does jack shit.

Seriously, it’s just a space for your boot or dog or iron to chill on for a bit while you count your money.

So, gather the family around and watch this video. Christmas Monopoly will be a bit different this year.

We’ve all been living a lie.

I’m done with 2016.

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