It’s Been A Terrible Week For Justin Bieber

by : UNILAD on : 30 Oct 2015 12:10
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Poor Justin Bieber, he’s had a rough week.


It all started with an interview on Spanish radio, from which he walked out after being asked by the hosts to help ‘break the internet’.

According to The Independent Bieber was appearing on radio station 40 Principales to promote his new album, ‘Purpose’. The hosts started asking him some pretty inane questions, like whether he dresses himself, if he was sorry for being a superstar and whether he drinks in US ‘discos’ now he’s legally allowed to.

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And the 21-year-old singer didn’t take kindly to being asked if he’d run out of people to thank after winning so many awards, replying:


I just wanted to be in the moment. I don’t wanna have to think about all these different people during this time, I just wanna enjoy it.

If they need me to thank them on an award show to make them feel validated, you weren’t doing it for the right reasons anyway.

Being asked to ‘break the internet’ was the straw that broke the Bieber-camel’s back, and he stormed off without explanation.


Less than 24-hours after this incident Bieber was in Oslo, Norway, performing a show.


During this concert a beverage was spilled on to the stage, and as the pop star tried to clean it up, he was grabbed by his adoring fans, the Daily Mail reports.

After repeatedly yelling at fans to leave him alone so he can sort the mess out, with no luck, Bieber had enough, saying: “Yeah, I’m done. I’m not doing the show,” before storming off stage.


Looks like Justin’s just started getting his man-period. What a confusing time this must be for the little scamp.

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