Living On A Cruise Ship Is Cheaper Than Renting In London


Those fed up with London’s sky-high rent prices might be interested to know that it’s actually cheaper to live on a cruise ship.

New research from has revealed that the average living costs in London come to around £2,871.19, or £97.71 a day – compared to Cruise and Maritime Voyage’s £88.53 a day cabin.

The study averaged out typical monthly outgoings in London, including rent, bills, food, council tax and leisure activities.


The outcome of London-living was £7.18 a day more than the cost of living on a cruise ship for 120 days, which totals £10,623.75. For this price, cruise guests have main meals, afternoon tea, hot drinks, port taxes and entertainment included in their trip.

The deal is offered on a round-the-world cruise on the Magellan ship, which has over 700 cabins on nine passenger decks, plenty of bars and restaurants, a spa, swimming pool, library, casino and shopping centre, The Daily Mail reports. I’m guessing no one’s flat in London has any of that.

It’s no wonder that the cruise industry has grown by nine per cent in 2015, with citing cost-effective deals available throughout the year as the reason behind the rise in bookings.


So while a life at sea might sound fanciful, it’s not completely out there. Quite a few people – usually the elderly – decide to live their life on a cruise ship.

And Beatrice Muller is proof of that. As one of the best known cruise ship residents, Muller lived on board the Queen Elizabeth 2 for eight years until the ship’s retirement.

In 2006 and at 86-years-old, Muller told The Telegraph that her priorities on the ship were ‘ballroom dancing’ and ‘playing duplicate bridge.’

Doesn’t sound like a bad life to me.