It’s Not A Fresh Prince Reboot Without Uncle Phil



Much to the delight of the entire internet, rumour has it that Will Smith is going to be producing a brand new reboot of the iconic show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

The classic 1990’s sitcom had one of the catchiest intro songs of all time, and may be coming back to TV screens for the first time in 19 years, with Will serving as producer alongside his definitely-not-divorced wife Jade Pinkett-Smith.

He’ll begin pitching the reboot to networks in the coming weeks.

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However, if the pitch goes down well – which we imagine it will – and the show gets the green light, there will undoubtedly be a massive gaping hole in proceedings.

Because while the original cast is (we hope!) more than likely to reappear – Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton, Karyn Parsons as Hilary, Tatyana Ali as Ashley and Joseph Marcell as Geoffrey – said gaping hole will be in the cuddly shape of James Avery, aka Uncle Phil, who sadly passed away in 2013, aged 65.

Described by Will as someone who “every young man needs”, Uncle Phil was the the much loved patriarch of the show. He was the man in which every plotline revolved around, and regardless of Will’s antics, he had the last say in every sticky situation.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying we don’t want a Fresh Prince reboot, but if it DOES happen, it needs to respect the legacy that Avery left behind – and the role that he made his own. After-all, we’ll never see a scene as iconic as the following again – and that’s why the original show was so special.

There are currently no confirmed details on the reboot, but we will keep you updated.