It’s Official, Britain Will Accept Thousands More Refugees

david-cameronDavid Cameron

It seems David Cameron has caved under pressure as he has just announced that Britain WILL take in “thousands more” refugees from camps on the Syrian border.

The Prime Minister’s change of attitude comes just 48 hours after the release of a photograph in which a small Syrian child had washed up dead on a Turkish beach. Following the release of said photograph, an army of British newspapers reversed their decision to back him in his refusal to open the door – and now, it looks like he’s had a change of heart himself.

Speaking during a visit to Portugal, Mr Cameron said: “We have already accepted around 5,000 Syrians and we have introduced a specific resettlement scheme, alongside those we already have, to help those Syrian refugees particularly at risk.”

“As I said earlier this week, we will accept thousands more under these existing schemes and we keep them under review.”


He continued: “And given the scale of the crisis and the suffering of the people, today I can announce that we will do more – providing resettlement for thousands more Syrian refugees.”

So far, over 350,000 people have signed an online petition urging the Government to accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK.

There has also been increased pressure on the Prime Minister after countries such as Germany and Sweden offered open arms to large numbers of refugees, while Cameron was openly opposed to it.

More detailed plans are set to be put in action next week.