It’s Two Years Today Since David Cameron And The ‘Pig-Gate’ Scandal

david cameronGetty

On this fateful day two years ago news broke that David Cameron allegedly put ‘a private part of his anatomy’ into the mouth of a dead pig.

Of course, the incident itself is uncorroborated, but it was reported by Michael Ashcroft and Isabel Oakeshott in their unauthorised biography.

The internet absolutely blew up after hearing about this claim, and responded with snoutrage…

Hashtags on social media included the classic #piggate and slightly more inventive #hameron.

The claim made in the book, titled Call Me Dave, was that David had performed an unholy act on the dead swine as part of an initiation ceremony for the Piers Gaveston Society.

Downing Street didn’t give a proper response to the claims, and David Cameron kind of hunkered down and didn’t tweet for a couple of days.

When he did eventually post to social media, he obviously received a tonne of pig related jokes about his ‘hamosexuality’.

Despite calls for the scandal to be called the Bae of Pigs, #piggate stuck around, and will forever be a tarnish on Cameron’s time as PM.

Some people even noticed the distinctly weird similarities between life and the dystopian satire Black Mirror.

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In the very first episode of the show, the Prime Minister is made to have sex with a pig live on TV in order to save a member of the royal family.

In one of the most gut-punch endings, it turns out it was all a big stunt that ruins the lives of nearly everyone involved.

The show creator Charlie Brooker even had to take to Twitter in order to dash claims that the drama had predicted Pig-Gate.

The truth of the statement is still unclear, but one thing is sure, we will never forget that incredible time for internet memes and all round hilarity.

Long live Pig-Gate.