J.K. Rowling Explains One Of Harry Potter’s Most Complex Storylines

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Harry Potter fans love a good old debate over many of the book’s storylines, but drawing your own conclusion still leaves doubt. So why not go straight to the source as she is highly active on social media?

The burning question one Twitter user posed to author J.K. Rowling related to why Harry named his son after Snape seeing as his Potions Master was so often cruel to him.

Allegedly Harry considered Severus Snape as the bravest man he ever knew, and Harry basically overlooked Snape’s hatred of his father James in favour of the love he felt for Harry’s mother, Lily.

But that is too simplistic an analysis for many fans, and Rowling decided to put the matter to bed once and for all.

No pressure then kid. You just have to live up to the names of two men who died to save your world, and rid your father of his guilt over all the lives lost. Think you can handle that?