Jack Nicholson’s Son Keeps Getting Mistaken For Leonardo Dicaprio


From Olympic archers to Russian vodka ambassadors it’s a pretty well known fact that there are literally dozens of Leonardo DiCaprio doppelgangers out there.

But did you know that one of them is basically Hollywood royalty, Ray Nicholson the the 25-year-old son of Jack Nicholson.

The resemblance between Leo and Ray is startling, with them both sharing a perchance for headgear and a devilish smile.


All Ray needs really is an added bit of scuff around the chin and he’d basically be a Leo clone.

Of course the resemblance between Leo and Jack Nicholson has been something that’s obsessed the internet for years, so if Jack’s son looks like Leo then that begs the question: ‘Is Leo a Jack Nicholson doppelganger?’

Not that looking like Jack’s a bad thing, both actors have won Oscars and got a career that’s make most actors green with envy.


Who knows maybe Ray’s resemblance to two of Hollywood’s greatest leading men will mean Ray will become a mega star in his own right.

Also it probably helps when your dad’s Jack Nicholson….